Novelty Items- Smoke Odor Candles, Room Sprays, Wild Incense

Novelty Items- Smoke Odor Candles, Room Sprays, Wild Incense

Smoke Odor Exterminator-Candles $7.49

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles are great for cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. Enzyme formulated candle,

attacks and removes smoke odors when burning. Each candle weighs 13 oz and will burn for approximately 70

hours. These fragrant candles make wonderful gifts even for non-smokers! Check out all great scents!

Special Blue Odor Eliminator Room Spray $2.99

The Special Blue Odor Eliminator Spray Air Freshener is a room spray that is formulated

to remove those unwanted odors and keeps the air fresh. An odor eliminator is the perfect way to

freshen the air by getting the smokey smell out.

12 Different Scents | 6.9 FL Oz

WildBerry Incense $8.99

100 CT Per Bundle

Candy Cane | Queen Of The Nile | Prairie Sage | Latin Lover | Arabian Night | Carnival

Cherry | Evergreen | Fizzy Pop | Rose | Musk | Ginger Bread | Heartwood 

India Moon | King Cake | Mulberry | Love Shack | Melon

Nirvana | Myrrh | Misty Mountain | Peace Of Mind | Royal Violet

Sweet Pea | Sensuality | Vanilla | Zen

PRUF Jars by White Rhino $9.25

The PRUF jar is a glass jar that is cradled in a silicone body with a see-through window that is the smell proof.

The PRUF jar also features a bottom non-stick silicone dish for concentrates.

2 in 1 Silicone Jar By White Rhino Products.