Kratom Shots Like K 80, MIT 45, UnWind, Hemp Thrill And More

Kratom Shots Like K 80, MIT 45, UnWind, Hemp Thrill And More

K80 Kratom Extract


K80 is a natural liquid kratom extract suspension in a ready to use liquid formula.

Contains 100% natural pure alkaloid concentrated oil

Equivalent to 7-8g of natural leaf powder

10ml per bottle

2 servings per bottle

Liquid extract formula



Pain Relieving and Stress Relieving

2oz bottle, TSA friendly

Drink. Relax. Be Happy.

Fast Acting

 Hemp Thrill


CBD Strength: 25mg

Weight/Volume: 57ml

Full Spectrum CBD

UnWind Hemp Shots


The new Hemp Shot from Kingpin Labs is an amazing new addition to our product offering.

This shot is phytocannabinoid rich with over 150mg of Cannabidiol per 5ML bottle and 75MG per serving.

A great way to get a powerful shot of hemp extract.

20 Bottles/Box

CinnaBear Flavor

100% Natural

Elephant Hemp


Dietary Supplement

1.93 FL Oz | 57ml

Recommended Use:

Do not Drink More Than 2 Bottles a Day.

Drink 30 MINS Prior Going to Sleep.

Ingredients: Water, Citric, Flavor

Earth Kratom Organic: Extract Oil Shot


A Potent, Effective & Long Lasting 

Kratom Extract Liquid 12ml | 9.9 Grams

MIT 45 Kratom Extract Shot


MIT 45 is the strongest KRATOM shot available.

Extracted in Holland using state of the art machines.

It is a true 45% Mitragynine tincture.

Vivazen Natural Pain Relief Shots 


(12 Bottles)


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