King Palm – RESTOCKED!!!  All Sizes & Filters

King Palm – RESTOCKED!!! All Sizes & Filters


King Palm leaves are empty tubes that allow for a very easy filling process with an included bamboo packing stick. This cordia leaf is not tobacco, and does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, or glue.
Corn Husk Filters
  • The installed corn-husk filter are flexible and allow you to squeeze or bite them as hard as you want to create a tighter and cooler draw when smoking.
  • The tips will also eliminate resinous oils from staining a person’s lips, teeth and fingers.
  • Corn husk filters are sold separately in 2, 5, and 25 count packs in 9 millimeter and 10 millimeter diameters
Natural Leaf Rolls
  • King Palm natural leaf rolls are environmentally sustainable. No trees are cut down. The Cordia tree originates in the Borage family which thrives in the tidal forests of Southeast Asia.
  • The leaves themselves smoke beautifully because of their smoothness, convenience, and super slow burn.
  • Packaged with the leader in humidity control, Boveda, these leaves can stay good for at least 18 months on retail shelves.
  • Natural Leaf Rolls come in 5 sizes; 0.5g, 0.8g, 1.25g, 2g, 3g